Author: Waldo

.Net Core application console how to hide password

I was working on a Command-line Interface (CLI) made with .Net Core. And I ask myself how I can hide a password when the user is typing it? Like it’s the case with Linux’s Terminal. But, in fact, It’s pretty

Symfony 2 – How-to check user’s role in Voter

How-to make sure in a Voter that a user has the right role in the Symfony role hierarchy. first, two links. One to the Symfony 2 Voter’s documentation, and the second to the Access Decision Manager’s documentation. We will see

KnpMenuBundle the easy way breadcrumb !

In a previous post, I explain how to make a breadcrumb who work with the KnpMenuBundle. Unfortunately this post was obsolete (and for a while). The staff of the KnpMenuBundle have deprecated the useful function getBreadcrumbsArray I don’t find any

PHP Behind a proxy server

Note : In this post, a proxy is a software running on a server. This software filter incoming and outgoing flow of the netwok to internet. And if a desktop want to go on the internet it must be configured